Our Team

Caleb Gichuhi
Programs Assistant: Originally from Nairobi, Caleb Gichuhi works as SNA-K’s Programs Assistant.  Previously a student at Kenya Methodist University, Caleb graduated with honours while completing his degree in Digital Media Designs, specializing in mobile technology.  Caleb was also a leader in a peace organization on his campus, and interned with SNA-K to pursue his passion for peace after he graduated.  In his current role, Caleb coordinates activities, leads trainings, assists in outreach, and ensures the local teams have everything they need in SNA-K’s various areas of operation.  He also manages the SMS platform and contributes significantly to its development.  Caleb is one of the point people for public responses regarding the platform, and works consistently to improve the platform and make it more effective for SNA-K subscribers.  He is a dedicated member of the SNA-K team, and is always excited to witness the power of the messages he helps create.
Jacqueline Njeru
Programs Manager: Jackie is SNA-K's Project Manager, and is responsible for logistical support, reports, and programming oversight for local chapters. She also works with chapters to create SMS-based civic education curriculums and conduct civic education trainings on Kenya's new Constitution. Jacqueline holds a law degree and a Masters in International Conflict Management from the University of Nairobi. Currently, Jackie is on leave completing a certificate in law and international security in Italy.
Kevin Sudi
Partnerships Manager: Travelling the world for work and school, Kevin Sudi still traces his roots to Kitale in western Kenya.  He has studied conflict and mediation extensively, earning a BA in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Ghana, a MA in International Development with a concentration in poverty, conflict and reconstruction from the University of Manchester UK, and finally an advanced certificate in nonviolence training from the University of Rhode Island in the US.  A researcher by profession, Kevin has studied international political conflict in Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Democratic Republic of the Congo the United States and the United Kingdom.  He also has extensive experience as a research consultant and a field trainer for various CBOs and NGOs.  Kevin currently works as SNA-K’s Partnerships Manager where he recruits and trains partners across the country.  He also helps develop the system through which SNA-K coordinates with partners, and monitors conflict on the ground.  He is happy to be working with SNA-K to bring peace to his home country.
Rachel Brown
CEO: Rachel founded Sisi ni Amani Kenya together with the Eastlands team after recognizing a need to support the work of local Kenyan peace leaders by enhancing their ability to rapidly and effectively communicate and coordinate with each other and their communities. Rachel has worked as a tenant organizer in Massachusetts, worked on Ushahidi Haiti and Ushahidi’s Uchaguzi Kenya platform, and consulted as project coordinator Ushahidi’s monitoring platform of Tanzania’s 2010 elections. Rachel holds a BA in International Relations and has conducted independent research on conflict in Kenya and Guatemala.
Dennis Ogonji
Kariobangi North & Burnt Forest Programs Coordinator: Born and raised in Korogocho slums, Deno has spent most of his adult life working with community organizations involved with peace, governance and health.  Before joining the SNA-K team, Deno worked with Citizens Against Violence (CAVI).  In his role, he created numerous repots on peace issues affecting his community, and worked to monitor peace and conflict as well.  Deno also worked with Miss Koch Kenya where he worked on improving governance and educating citizens about their rights.  He led workshops to teach people how the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) worked in their community, and how to audit the fund and increase political accountability.  He also trained the youth on their Constitutional rights and instilled in them a sense of civic responsibility.  Before he worked with Miss Koch, Deno was a peer educator for I Choose Life Africa (ICL) where he taught the youth in his community about HIV/AIDS, how to prevent it, and mobilized people to get tests.  Outside of work, Deno is a longtime football (soccer) player and has organized tournaments for kids from different informal settlements and communities to come together and play.  Personally affected by the election violence of 2007-08, Deno looked for new ways to get involved with peace and found SNA-K.  He now coordinates debates, peace forums, and conflict monitoring efforts in several communities.  He also helps with program design and trains SNA-K’s local partners.
George Ooko
Baba Dogo & Nakuru Programs Coordinator: Born and raised in Baba Dogo, George (last name) has been with SNA-K since (year). Before joining SNA-K George worked with ACREF, a local peace building initiative in Baba Dogo, where he led a project on child safety and protection from physical abuse and gender-based violence.  He taught kids life skills and awareness to help them deal with the often overwhelming situations around them.  George also played in an Afro-fusion band for ACREF events and still uses his six years of guitar experience to play at gigs outside the organization with his band.  Connecting with SNA-K CEO Rachel Brown through contacts at ACREF, George found a new outlet to work with local peace building efforts.  He now organizes local debates, focus groups, peace forums and civic education events for SNA-K, as well as monitors tension and rumors in Nakuru where he oversees SNA-K’s local peace messaging campaign.  George works with SNA-K because he knows that peace comes first.  There must be peace on the streets before businesses can open and kids can walk to school.  Fighting only destructs.
Mary Njambi
Korogocho & Dandora Programs Coordinator: Born in Korogocho, raised in Dandora, Mary is a long time civic activist.  Before joining SNA-K, she worked at The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA), an organization devoted to monitoring the Kenyan government and organizing citizens to lobby on their own behalf.  Mary worked to educate citizens about the new constitution, especially because of the new positions on the ballot, and the new ballots that will be used to vote for them.  She still does work with TISA, and is currently lobbying the government to restrict unlawful evictions, a major issue in Nairobi’s informal settlements.  She does not get paid for her efforts with TISA, but describes helping citizens shape their own policy as one of her great passions.  Mary also continues to work with the Miss Koch organization, where she gained extensive experience as a program officer coordinating events and fundraising.  She joined SNA-K after witnessing first hand the violence and strife induced by the post-election violence that rocked her Korogocho neighborhood, and Kenya as a whole.  Working at SNA-K she currently coordinates outreach activities and focus group meetings in Korogocho and Dandora.  Mary likes how the unique approach of SNA-K’s SMS platform allows messages of peace to go directly to someone’s personal phone, and is proud of the positive response in her community.  “Peace is for everyone,” she says.
Samson Owiti
Baba Dogo & Eldoret Programs Coordinator: Brought up in Naiobi’s informal settlements, Sammy stayed loyal to his roots, working in all of the major informal settlements in the city over his years of experience.  As one of the Youth Congress’s six founding partners, an organization devoted to empowering youth participation in government, Sammy has a rich history of civic involvement and promotion.  By founding the Youth Congress he worked to dispel the stereotype that youth will be the leaders of tomorrow, and instead gave them a voice today.  He trained young leaders on how to get involved in the policy process, mobilize the youth around them, and even run for office.  He recently helped produce three youth aspirants who won their party’s nominations and will be on the ballot come March 4th.   Sammy has been with SNA-K since it’s early days, working on expanding the Baba Dogo program and coordinating the first batch of volunteers to subscribe people in the area.  He now organizes debates and other civic events in Baba Dogo, as well as overseeing the Eldoret program where he runs focus groups, analyzes reports from partners, and develops peace messages in the case of tension or violence.  When he’s not working for Kenya’s political future, Sammy works as a talented tailor, a skill he inherited from his father.  He enjoys the satisfaction that comes from being a trusted ambassador of peace and a person people come to when the need mediation.  He says that when people see him working for peace they know that they can too.  One of his favorite quotes, that he memorized many years ago, comes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  “Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of Justice.  That is what Sammy is working for: a just and fair Kenya for all Kenyans.
Huruma Area Coordinator: From Huruma originally, Shiku has been involved with peace organizations for years.  She previously worked as a Peace Ambassador at the Madoya Tumaini Youth Group where she worked on development projects in the community.  Her actions at MTYG covered the full spectrum from organizing meetings with elders on promoting peace to holding trainings and workshops on peaceful resolution with community members.  Shiku even organized other youth groups to clean the community and work on other development efforts, and afterwards they would sit and share their lives and their views on the community.  She also volunteers her time at Reality Youth test where she cooks, washes, and takes care of homeless children.  Volunteering with SNA-K’s first efforts in Baba Dogo, Shiku found a new calling and now works as a coordinator for local events in the area.  Whenever SNA-K holds a debate, focus group, or reaches out to new subscribers, she is on the front lin mobilizing the community.  Put simply from her own words, “Where there is peace, I am always there.”  Apart from work, she is a mother of 2, a 10 year old and a 5 year old, and has a new child on the way.
Catherine Tito
Narok Core Team: Born and raised in Narok Town, Catherine is currently a student at Ndejje University in Kampala, studying HR Management. She previously worked with the Health Awareness Peer Education Program (HAPEP) as a peer educator with young students in her community. Catherine helps SNA-K with outreach and promoting the organization in her community. She works towards peace because she knows that only in peaceful community can economic development grow.
Eunice Kuria
Narok Core Team: Originally from Narok North in the Rift Valley, Eunice is a long time advocate for the people in her community.  Before she joined SNA-K, Eunice worked at the Health Awareness Peer Education Program.  She worked as a Program Officer where she led HIV/AIDS prevention efforts, as well as Malaria and TB prevention efforts.  She also worked on program development and with programs that targeted the youth.  Eunice currently works at SNA-K subscribing people in her community, building networks with local partners, and monitoring conflict in several areas around the region.  Her passion for peace comes from a deep understanding, from the many fatal conflicts in Narok over the years, that she and her friends will not be able to work or build their community if there is no peace.  
Gideon Kisio
Narok Core Team: Raised in Olopito in Narok North, Gideon has a distinguished record of community service. He previously worked at Aphia Plus as a mentor to children without parents. He also worked with the organization as a counselor for HIV and Aids, helping teach young people about prevention and health. Gideon also teaches History and Geography at Olopito Secondary School. With Sisi ni Amani, he mobilizes members of the community for civic education events and other activities. He also helps conduct outreach, subscribing members of his community to the SNA-K platform. Gideon works with Sisi ni Amani because he knows there can be no development without peace.
Gideon Moitalel
Narok Core Team: Originally from Narok Rotian, Gideon is an active ambassador for peace of working for peace in his community. He previously worked in the Neighbor’s Peace Initiative as a project coordinator. He currently works with Sisi ni Amani as a community mobilizer and helps build local partnerships. He also helps promote SNA-K around Narok. Gideon works with SNA-K because he wants to keep peace in his community and doesn’t want to return to the violence that tore through his area in 2008.
Jackson Saruni
Narok Core Team: Born in Narok South (Narosura) Jackson is a dedicated member of the Sisi ni Amani team. Before he joined SNA-K, Jackson worked at Aphia Plus as an accounting assistant. He also worked as a Presiding Officer during the Referendum on the 2010 constitution and as a supervisor for Kenya’s 2009 census. He currently works as a local coordinator for SNA-K, planning logistics for activities around Narok, mobilizing members of the community, and liaising between SNA-K and local partners. Jackson became active in SNA-K’s peace efforts because he believes peace enhances one’s personal growth and development.
Monicah Wanjiru
Narok Core Team: Born in Narok and raised in Nakuru, Monicah is a dedicated member of SNA-K’s activities in the Rift Valley.  Just like many of her team members, Monicah worked with the Health Awareness Peer Education Program in Narok before joining SNA-K. She worked as their secretary, keeping files, making sure the office ran smoothly, and writing reports on activities in the field.   She joined Sisi ni Amani because she believes that someone must have peace within if they are to succeed.  “Sisi ni Amani shares the same passion for peace that I do,” said Monicah.
Pastor Wilson Mosonik
Narok Core Team: Originally from Mulot in Narok West, Mosonik currently serves as a Pastor at the Africa Gospel Chuch, and is a role model in his community. His work with Sisi ni Amani involves outreach, as well as promoting SNA-K throughout the region. Mosonik became involved with SNA-K because he grew tired of conflict in his area over land and politics and wanted to take an active role by mediating conflict and building peace.
Amina Abdi
Kamukunji Core Team: Currently a student at Presbyterian University, Amina is contemplating a switch in studies from Business Administration to Psychology and other social issues.  She attributes this shift in focus to her work as a peer educator in her community where she teaches youth how to resist peer pressure, be culturally sensitive and stay healthy.  Amina joined SNA-K in 2011 to further promote peace and currently volunteers with outreach efforts and civic education.  She personally believes that SNA-K’s platform gives her the greatest opportunity to bring people together.
Grace Wanjiru
Kamukunji Core Team: Originally from the Uhuru area of Kamukunji, Grace is an active volunteer.  Outside of SNA-K, she works mobilizing youth in her community for clean-ups and other health issues.  Grace brings her mobilizing talents to SNA-K where she helps subscribe people and develop SMS messages.  She is passionate about enlightening her community and wants to share peace and information with her neighbors.
Julia O. Kinyi
Kamukunji Core Team: Raised in the neighborhood of Shauri Moyo, Julia is a small business employee at a local grocer.  She is an active member in SNA-K’s outreach efforts where she talks with the community subscribing people and promoting the organization.  Her goal is to create peace by bringing people together.  
Juma Salim
Kamukunji Coordinator: A student at Jomo Kenyatta University, Juma currently studies mass communication with the hope of becoming a counselor in his community.  He currently volunteers as the SNA-K Kamukunji coordinator bringing together local partners, coordinating SMS messages in his community, and acting as the link between Kamukunji and SNA-K’s HQ team.  He understands that peace is a matter of everything, and only when there is peace can there be development, education, and progress for Kenya.
Mohammed Kirimi
Kamukunji Core Team: Mohammed currently attends Nairobi Aviation College where he studies catering and hotel management.  When volunteering with SNA-K, he promotes civic education and speaks with youth in his neighborhood of Pumwani, Kamukunji.  He became involved with SNA-K because he saw the impact of the post-election violence on people who weren’t able to get food or even leave their homes.  He’s working to restore a Kenya where different communities coexisted and work to promote their common development.
Peter Mbuchi
Kamukunji Core Team: Originally from the Uhuru area of Kamukunji, Peter Mbuchi Methu is dedicated to community development.  Founder of Pema Education Center, his work includes early childhood development, community empowerment through microfinance, and consulting on development projects.  Peter joined SNA-K in 2011 as a coordinator in the Kamukunji area building relationships with partners and promoting the organization.  He became involved with SNA-K because he sees peace as the most important community issue, and he want his children, and the children of those around him, to grow up in a country that knows peace and where they can follow their dreams.
Robinson Karogo
Kamukunji Core Team: Robinson is a small businessman from the Uhuru Ward of the old Kamukunji Constituency, and is the Secretary of the Pema Self-Help Group where he educates community members on credit, savings, and loans.  He started working with SNA-K in its initial Kamukinji involvement efforts, and now works as an assistant coordinator promoting the organization.  His goal is to see Kenya as a peaceful country.