Sotik District is situated in Kenya’s expansive Rift Valley province, and is carved out of Buret and Bomet Districts in the South. The people in Sotik are mainly farmers, farming large tea estates, maize plantations and also subsistence farming in horticulture, vegetables, beans, sorghum and finger millet.  The Sotik-Borabu people share a common cattle market place.  Sotik has suffered violence in every election since 1992, and was one of the hardest hit areas in the 2007-08 post-election violence.  People divided along ethnic lines, burning hoses, schools and churches.  They killed each other in large numbers and the police were outmatched.

In Sotik, SNA-K has been privileged to work with:

Koluu Self Helop Group

Chebugon Youth Group

Tumdo Ne Leel Ngariet Support Group

Chemosong Youth Farmers Group

Da-Blink Youth Entertainment Peace Group

Active Citizens