Kariobangi North

A cluster of ten villages, Kariobangi North is an informal settlement consisting largely of taller flats, in contrast to many of Nairobi’s other informal settlements.  It’s estimated population is between 8,000-10,000 and is home to multiple ethnic communities.  It was a hot spot in the 2007-08 post-election violence when gangs set fire to houses and killed and wounded many residents.  Once a Mungiki (a gang) stronghold, security is improving and Kariobangi is now home to some of Kenya’s best football (soccer) stars.

Of the many local groups working to make Kariobangi North a better place, SNA-K has been privileged to collaborate with:

Down Town Jaffas

Humble Youth Group

Eagles Youth Group

Kariobangi Catholic Church

Wailers Youth Group

Tarumbeta Youth Group

Kowala Youth Group

Kariobangi Mirror

Shining Stars