SNA-K builds networks of peace activists in Kenyan communities and empowers them to prevent, monitor and respond to conflict locally through the use of mobile technology. This grassroots approach brings local knowledge, insights, and trust, while centralized moderation of messages and oversight of programming ensures accountability and scalability.

SNA-K chapters, comprised of vetted peace and civic engagement leaders, bring together diverse local peace activists. Local chapters build SMS subscriber bases of community members, and SNA-K works closely with its local chapters to monitor and respond to misinformation, rumors, and conflict while providing ongoing civic education and engagement opportunities.

Subscribers learn about SNA-K through grassroots outreach by local youth groups, religious leaders, and other key community members who are recruited as SNA-K outreach workers and volunteers. This opting in is crucial, as it ensures that individuals at the local level have a personal relationship with SNA-K and understand who is sending the messages. SNA-K then sends subscribers messages in three broad categories: Civic Education, Civic Engagement, and Peace Promotion.

How it Works:

  1. SNA-K outreach to community members to encourage them to subscribe
  2.  Subscription through USSD menu (*762#): Subscribers get a confirmation message that they have been subscribed to SNA-K, pricing information, and are asked to provide demographic information through the USSD menu. This demographic information includes language preference, location, gender, age, and job type
  3. Subscriber phone numbers are stored in SNA-K database and tagged with demographic information
  4. SNA-K is able to create and send SMS messages to dynamic groups based on subscriber information (for example, all women from a certain area)
  5. SNA-K sends messages to its subscribers. Messages fall under the three categories described above: civic education, civic engagement, and peace promotion. At present, subscribers can send SNA-K SMS messages based on prompted questions (for example, asking subscribers what they want to know about the new Constitution). Inthe near future, SNA-K will open the system to enable subscribers to send information on tensions and early signs of conflict in their areas.


SNA-K’s programming transforms the use of mobile phones from negative to positive, using a crucial medium to empower Kenyan peace and civic leaders in the lead-up to the 2013 elections. SNA-K is able to understand local dynamics and monitor and respond to triggers of violence because its grassroots programming and partnerships gain community trust and participation. 


Chart of Subscription – Message Sending