Located in the Rift Valley, Narok includes Narok North, Narok South, Narok East, and Narok West. SNA-K’s work first started in Narok Town, a bustling hub of commerce and supports the trade and finances of a large surrounding area, then branched out to the nearby Ololulunga and Mulot areas. Now, SNA-K reaches additional areas including Mau Tipis, Mau Narok, Ntulele, Nairege Nkare, Sogoo, Sagamian, Salabwek, Transmara West, and Transmara East.

Narok is a historical hot spot for violence in Kenya, and experienced violence and displacement in 2007-08.

In Narok SNA-K has been lucky to work with inspiring initiatives including:

Neighbours Peace Initiative



CIS Mara

Narok DPC

Maasai Council of Elders

Narok University Peace Club

DPC Trans Mara East

DPC Trans Mara West

NAsaru Nkera Awareness Program

Pastors’ Organization Trans Mara East

Iroruat Ewangan

Trans Mara Peace Initiative

Peace Net Kilgoris

Olosentu Dam Project Team

Mogai Location Team