Community Partners

Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance:


KMYA exists to build the capacity of the Muslim youth to advocate for inclusion and participation in the development agenda and access to resources towards achieving a healthy and empowered society.

A healthy and empowered Muslim youth

• Peace building and Human Security
• Muslim Youth Leadership and Democratic Development
• Reproductive health and gender
• Research Communication and Education

Peace Building and Human Security:
Under this program KMYA focuses on promoting peaceful coexistence and realizing economic, social and cultural rights among the Muslim youth. KMYA uses a participatory and interactive approach in implementing activities under this program. The program addresses elements on Islamic radicalization, inter-ethnic conflicts, and sectarian conflicts through a human rights based approach focusing on the key economic, social and cultural pillars of human rights

Contact: +254 (020) 4445518/9
Location: Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru


Smart Vote Initiatives:

To deepen a democratic culture in Kenya and the East African region through programs related to good governance and participatory democracy.

A working and fair democratic culture in Kenya and East African countries responsive to the aspirations of citizens.

• Advocating for tools of democratic integrity
• Civic education
• Promoting democratic values in Kenyan citizens

Program example – Civic education:
Just last month, SVI went into IDP camps to speak with families and offer education about the upcoming election and the issues involved. Making sure people are informed is the only way a democracy can survive, and SVI is dedicated to ensuring every Kenyan is capable of making their own, informed choice. 


Tumore Youth Group:


To make our young generation prosper, our staffs excel and create value for our stakeholders.
To become a world-class organization in enabling youth to advance with confidence and success.

• Peace advocacy
• Youth and Health
• Civil Rights and Democratic Governance
• Youth Economic Empowerment

Program Example – Peace Advocacy
The program aims to address issues that cause conflict in our society, amongst them: ethnic differences, political injustices and land issues. It plans to provide solutions to these issues and establish a peaceful coexistence amongst the communities. The program also focuses on youth economic empowerment because poverty and unemployment are some of the driving forces behind youth violence.

Contact: +254724937256
Location: Nakuru


Center for Community Dialogue and Development


• Develop teamwork while responding to core objectives of the organization
• Establish a network of operation with other NGOs, CBOs, and groups.
• Empower communities to uphold peace as they manage their own projects.
• Support communities in the development of income generating activities to alleviate poverty.

• Scholarships
• Facilitating investment and business
• Promoting Tourism
• Preserving the environment

Program Example – Opinion Leader’s Forum:
CCDD brought together several representatives from the community to organize peace efforts and discuss issues affecting the community. The meeting stressed that peace is a communal undertaking, and every effort is another step on a journey we must all take together if we are ever going to achieve peace.



Young Women Entrepreneurs of Kenya


Strengthen the inclusion, participation, and socio-economic empowerment of young women in peace building and national development processes.

YWEK strives to restore peace and dignity through self-reliance.

• Facilitating monthly meetings to plan peace activities
• Environment conservation in the Mau Forest
• Community peace meetings

Program Example:
YWEK leads meetings for all members of the community to come together and discuss the issues that affect them, such as the destruction of natural resources, economic opportunities, and cultural reconciliation.


Center for Transformational Leadership



To strengthen individuals, organizations and communities to effect positive transformation in society.

A transformed society upholding the values of good governance.

• Leadership development
• Civic education
• Public forums and debates
• Roundtable discussions
• Research and policy

Program Example – Leadership and Development:
Promoting leadership is a marathon, not a sprint, and CTL has three methods to ensure that their program sustainably trains leaders for years to come. CTL’s most direct leadership program is the actual training of members of the community, but they also provide mentors for their trainees, as well as training programs for their teachers to ensure they create the best program possible.



Community Partners